新作入荷!New arrivals !!2023.02.03


●お待たせしましたシリーズその1! 春はもうすぐとはいえ、まだ寒い。そんな今だからコレ!

●お待たせしましたシリーズその2! 生地感が春先の方が履きやすいということで入荷を今時期に!



【New Products!】



●Spring is already cold. Now is the time, so this!
“Sasanqua Blouson”



●The texture of the fabric makes them easier to wear in early spring, so you can get them now!
“Nine-tailed Fox Pants”



【It’s back in stock!】

●There is a lot of production process and the number of restocking is small again this time. You can also get a medium!
Sashiko Stand Collar Patchwork Jacket