今年もいよいよ開催!"The story of KOROMO" starts !!2023.04.03


「ころもづくり ころもがたり」がいよいよ4月8日(土)より開催いたします!


「衣オリジナル 革 スマホケース 」 差し上げます。


※「衣オリジナル 革 スマホケース」は数量限定につき、おひとり様お一つまでとさせていただきます。また、なくなり次第終了となります。ご了承ください。

※オンラインショップでも「衣オリジナル 革 スマホケース」がもらえます!詳しくは下記をご覧ください。


ー オンラインショップ ご利用のお客様へ ー

4月8日(土)深夜 0:00(7日から8日から日付が変わる時)以降のご注文先着順にて、限定ノベルティ「衣オリジナル 革 スマホケース」をプレゼントさせていただきます。

「衣オリジナル 革 スマホケース」の柄を希望されます際には、ご注文手続きの途中にございます「その他お問い合わせ」の中に記載をお願いいたします。



Thank you for waiting!
23 Spring and Summer Clothing Exhibition
The “The story of KOROMO” will finally be held from Saturday, April 8!


It can be said to be a staple of spring and summer robes, including the hand-colored “Deca-e” series and the “Goldfish Pattern” works that use the Kyo-Yuzen technique of “hand-printing”
The all-over pattern “Tsukishita Bijin,” which evokes the strong and gentle color of the earth, and the new pattern of the standard indigo twine,.
and more exciting new works from “KOROMO,” “ARUJI KOROMO” and “KRM”!


And if you spend more than 22.000 yen (tax included),
I will give you an “original leather smartphone case.”


Limited quantities! As soon as we run out, we’re done!

It will be held from the April 8th (Sat) , so we are looking forward to your visit.
■Notes ■


*There is no plan to hold this event at the limited-time shop.


*”Leather smartphone case” is a present for those who spend 20,000 yen (excluding tax) or more during the period. “ Leather smartphone case” is limited in quantity, only one per person. It will be finished as soon as it runs out. Thank you for your understanding.


*You can also get “Leather smartphone case” at online shops! See below for details.


□■■■■■■■■ koromo ■


– To our online shop customers:

After Wednesday, April 8 at midnight 0: 00 (when the date changes from the 7th to the 8th), we will give you a limited novelty “Leather smartphone case” on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that even if the expected delivery date or scheduled delivery date is after April 8 (Sat), if the order timing is before Friday, April 9, it will not be eligible for the present.


In the case of online shops, you register “Name and address” when you place an order, so you don’t need a claim tag, but you can only buy one ticket per person.


For multiple orders within the same period, regardless of the number of orders, we will give you a present when the total amount of your purchases exceeds 20,000 JPY . Please understand in advance.