カービングバッグという名の芸術装飾an artistic work called a cut out bag2021.08.20









カービングバッグ -菊唐草-
カービングバッグ -二匹金魚-
カービングバッグ -蓮と和金-


– Isekatagami –
– Ranma –


As a characteristic of these, the technique of drawing patterns and landscapes by “cutting out” a piece of paper or wood has been passed down to Japan since ancient times, and the high level of the technique has been passed down to the present.


There is also a culture that continues to pass down history and techniques by crossing the sea and using completely different materials far away.
This is the “carving” of the processing technique using “leather”, in which special metal fittings are used to add unevenness to the leather to express the pattern.


Leather products have been indispensable to mankind since ancient times, but like fashion, unique cultures have developed in various places.


Among them, as one of the world famous production areas, leather produced in Europe, especially in Italy, is said to be of high quality, and many of the world’s leading brands have produced products using leather produced in Italy.


This time, the clothe worked on producing a bag made of Italian cowhide and made of calf leather, which is characterized by the fineness of texture that can be taken from calf within 6 months of birth.


The original pattern is expressed by “cutting out” the expression technique incorporated in the clothes.


This bag, which is made by combining two different cultures, has a high degree of perfection that makes it seem like an artistic work.
A Japanese bag carefully crafted by an Italian leather craftsman. That is the new leather bag of clothes. There are not many productions.

●Cut out Real leather Bag -Tang grass-

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●Cut out Real leather Bag -Lotus & Goldfish-