「滅びつつある日本の宝」"A dying treasure of Japan"2023.08.10






“Hand embroidery”

It takes decades to master this technique and become a full-fledged person. Besides, this sewing machine itself is hardly manufactured anymore
The difficulty of operating the sewing machine is the reason why it is difficult to train craftsmen. This sewing machine, also known as a horizontal swing sewing machine, can be sewn with the strength of the foot pedal.
While controlling the width of the stitching, alternately look at the tip of the needle and the pattern at hand, and draw a picture with the embroidery thread. Finished using the hands and feet of craftsmen
The embroidery has a plump, three-dimensional feel and a warm finish.
“Koromo” has included this hand embroidery in many of his works from the beginning, but I don’t know how long I will be able to deliver the excitement of such a large embroidery work.
I believe that the disappearance of traditional craftsmanship, whose countdown has begun, will be a loss for Japan.

Please take a look at the splendid world of hand-embroidered embroidery that has been remade into an Aloha shirt from an Oshima Tsumugi kimono.

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Japan’s dying treasure…