新作入荷!【New arrivals!】2022.08.27


■■■ 主衣 - for women - ■■■

 「萩 ひらひらスカート」

●肌さわり、トロットロ!! だから名付けられた“とろとろレギンス”♪

 「レギンス -群集菊-」

■■■ 衣 - for men - ■■■

 「月夜会 温感プリント半袖Tシャツ」

【New products!】


■■■ Aruji koromo – for women – ■■■

●Our customers’ passionate requests have been realized! Now you have a comfortable skirt!
“Bush clover Fluttering Skirt”

●It feels soft on the skin!! That’s why it’s named “Creamy Leggings” ♪
”Simmering peony Leggings”

●These are also popular ribbed leggings. Available in 2 colors that are easy to coordinate with fall.
”Leggings -Crowd Chrysanthemum-”



■■■ Koromo – for men – ■■■

●It features a mysterious print that changes color when you feel the heat of the sun.
“Moon night banquet thermal sensing Print T-Shirt”