衣と迎えるお盆、本日開幕です。Koromo to obon, or the Bon Festival, opens today.2023.08.11



「妖怪障子絵 Tシャツ」


「泣く子をあやす幽霊 子育て飴大島紬シャツ」
「二人であの世まで 大島紬シャツ」
「愛し恨めし牡丹灯篭 大島紬シャツ」
「菊姫の首塚 大島紬シャツ」




I think there are many people who want to feel summer and enjoy the daily sweltering heat, but also feel a breath of cool.

From today, Kormo is delivering the “Bon to welcome you with Koromo,” a two-pronged collection of freakishly daring yokai T-shirts and gaikotsu open-collared shirt creations enchanted with chilling hand-embroidery of beauty!!
There’s no doubt that the heat will ease! Please enjoy a piece of.

“Yokai Shoji-e T-Shirt”
The fearless specters are carefully colored one by one by hand by Koromo, and the way they jump out of the shoji is overwhelming. It is as if each and every one of the yokai has its own life, which has been carefully dyed with care and time ・・・. It’s sure to make both the wearer and the viewer feel fun and cool! Please enjoy this Yokai T-shirt that only Koromo can make!

Online shop pre-sale
Oshima Tsumugi Kimono Open Colored Shirt ‘(Skeleton print)
From the works that depict women’s grudges, pathos, and love, and various “skeleton patterns,” based on tradition, and with stunning hand-embroidery, the details are meticulously reproduced down to the kimono pattern, there is a subtle sense of sexiness. Some of the work is unintentionally creepy at the way the skeletons are dressed, their glamorous behavior, and their conflicting figures ・・・.
First come, first served! It’s a competitive performance of a gorgeous piece.

“Ghost that soothes a crying child Parenting candy Oshima open collar shirt”

“The two of us until the afterlife Tsumugi Open collar shirt”

“Love and Resentment Peony Lantern Tsumugi Open collar shirt”

“Kikuhime Kubizuka Tsumugi Open collar shirt”

What do you think? Did you feel something cold in your back?

Shoji-e Yokai T-shirts are made with a huge amount of time per piece, so the quantity is small, so please come early if you want.
As for the hand-embroidered Kimono Shirt, which is pre-sold in the online shop, we also have a shirt with a pattern other than a skeleton under the title of “Dying Japanese Treasures.” Don’t miss it! I wanted a pattern like this! You may find one that says.

I hope you have a good Bon time with Koromo.